I first watched Death To The Daleks a few years ago, and I didn’t really enjoy it. However, on second viewing I have grown to really enjoy this story. Whilst it’s not by any means brilliant, it is a fun Dalek story with some great moments. For 1974 this story actually looked decent, with the typical quarry setting being used to its full potential. John Pertwee has fallen down my ranking of all the Doctor’s in the past few years, but after this story he has gone straight back up. The only thing with this story is that there isn’t anything new. It is typical Doctor Who, which is fine, but I don’t think I could ever say this is a great story or one that I want to watch over and over again. Everything in Death To The Daleks was just decent.


The plot was a pretty simple one. The Doctor and Sarah Land on a planet which has a material that can cure a disease spreading across different planets. A group of humans have also landed there to try and get the cure to this disease and go back and save everyone. However, the Daleks have also landed and want to take control of the cure to this disease. The ancient creatures on this planet built a city which has its own mind and control. Over time the city took control of the planet and the creatures had to run and hide away. The creatures split off into two groups. One group worshipped the city out of fear whilst the other tried to destroy the city. The city shut down all source of power on the planet so once the Doctor, the humans and the Daleks landed they couldn’t get away. The whole story is set around the Daleks trying to take control of the planet and the cure whilst the humans and the Doctor work together to try and destroy the city and the Daleks. Whilst it’s a simple enough plot, there is always something happening in Death To The Daleks which does make it really enjoyable. There’s never a dull moment.  The ending was satisfying as well with the Doctor and one of the creatures destroying the city whilst one of the humans sacrificed himself and blew up the Dalek ship with explosives.


The characters in Death To The Daleks were really good for a classic story. John Pertwee was one of the best things about this adventure. He was protective about Sarah Jane and one of the creatures he was with as well as being very clever and quick thinking throughout the episode. I always felt as if he was one step ahead of everyone else and had some great moments. Sarah Jane took a bit of a back seat in this adventure as for a lot of it she had been captured and didn’t have much to do. However, she was as likeable and independent as ever. The creatures that lived on that world were actually really good even thou they hardly spoke. They had an interesting story and one of them had great chemistry with the Doctor. The humans were also good side cast as they each had a purpose and a bit of a backstory.


Death To The Daleks was a simple but fun Doctor Who adventure. It had a decent plot with a satisfying ending. For its time it looked visually very good, and I really enjoyed John Pertwee as well as some of the other characters. However, whilst it was a fun little story it didn’t do anything new or very interesting. It was just another typical Dalek story using the same formula as previous Dalek stories.



Overall, I give Death To The Daleks a  6.5/10.

Written by: JACOB MOORE

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