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A review of “Now We Are Six Hundred” by James Goss

 “Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Time Lord Verse” by James Goss is a collection of Doctor Who-themed poems loosely based on Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne’s “Now We Are Six”, a compilation of short poems for children, meaning there are poems such as “The Fives Doctors”( after “The Three Foxes”), “Dalek” (after “Furry Bear”), and so on.

The poems themselves are a bit disappointing if I’m quite honest. Every now and then, there are some gems and easter eggs. There are a couple of heart-warming passages; particularly there’s a poem that I really enjoyed titled, “Verity”, a fourth wall-breaking story about the first producer of the show, Verity Lambert. But these connections don’t really make that much sense if you aren’t already a Doctor Who fan. It doesn’t really work out of context, unfortunately. I wouldn’t pick this up if you are expecting top notch poetry from James Goss, who admits that this is his first crack at the writing style.

The book tries something different for Doctor Who and one can respect it on that level but sometimes risks don’t pay off and that’s okay! On the other hand it features many illustrations by former Doctor Who writer and show-runner, Russel T Davies, which are really quite nice! If I were to give the book a rating I’d say a 2/5 for the poems themselves which try to be charming but miss the mark more often than not but I’d give it a 5/5 for the illustrations which really capture the whimsical side of the Doctor Who universe quite well.

Overall, if you are an absolute Who Addict, you’ll find at least a few things to appreciate; it features at least one mention of every Doctor, every companion, and most of the Doctor’s foes. If you are seeking clever, talented prose however, it will leave you wanting more and I’d say skip it.

Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Time Lord Verse

Written by James Goss. Illustrated by Russel T Davies. Published by Harper Design. Released on 26 September 2017.

Written by: RYAN CAPSHAW

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