So, after four months I am finally here, my Tenth big finish audio. Cold Vengeance. What a story….            

 I have been looking forward to this story for a very long time now and it was worth the wait. As I’ve said in my previous reviews the Tenth Doctor and Rose are my favourite Tardis duo. Combine this with my favourite villain being the ice warriors and you have yourself the makings of a very good story. And this is exactly what you got, The Ice warriors at there very best and finally fighting against David Tennant. This is by far my favourite audio I’ve listened to solely based on that but the plot itself was a simple yet very enjoyable one.


I just want to start with the ice warriors as I love talking about them and praising them so much. The idea that there has always been a race of aliens so close to home on Mars has always intrigued me. They have a unique relationship with the humans where they are like neighbouring countries. Sometimes there are wars between the two races but a lot of the time there is mutual respect for one another. As well as this sometimes the Ice Warriors or humans can be bad and have factions the split off from one another. This makes for an incredible history throughout the entirety of Doctor Who. They keep coming back at certain times with new stories and it is so entertaining. The design of them, especially in the modern series has been incredible, I have always loved how they look like reptiles. I think that they are so underrated in the Doctor Who community as well as the stories they are in. I have watched all the Ice warrior stories on TV and love them all. I cannot wait to listen to more big finish stories with them in.


In Cold Vengeance the story is set after a war between the humans and the Ice Warriors. Many believe that the Ice warriors had been wiped out, but they had actually been hibernating in a space station called cold star, which was used to freezer millions of food for the planet below. However, the Ice Warriors want revenge and the humans stole their planet they were living on. All this leads to them taking over the cold star are planning to crash it into the planet below wiping out the humans. The Doctor and Rose discover pirates trying to steal some of the cold stars resources as well as a women who was who there to collect the recycling but got caught up in it. The small amount of side characters worked well as it developed a lot more on the ones there were. The several scenes the Doctor confronts the leader of the Ice Warriors was a particular highlight as well as the actions scenes of them being chased by Ice Warriors and the ending scene in the Tardis where the leader was flung out the doors into space. I have already mentioned how much I love the Ice Warriors, and, in this episode, they were properly bad and full of vengeance which was great to see. I think as someone who is new to big finish it is difficult to start off with imagining what monsters look like and therefore, they seem less of a threat. However, this is why the Ice Warriors worked very well in this as you didn’t have to imagine so much, and you could sit back and enjoy the story. The ending to this story was unexpected and satisfying. Lorna (the recycling girl) revealed that there were Ice Warriors living in refuge on the planet below as many of the people had regretted what had happened and wanted to help them. This led to a whole new dynamic where the leader couldn’t destroy the planet as it would destroy his kind. It led to an intense end where he shut himself down and became a bomb which the Doctor Lorna and Rose had to kick out of the Tardis. Overall, I thought the plot of this story was very interesting and had a satisfying end which wasn’t cop-out.

David Tennant put in as ever, an incredible performance as the doctor. It was great seeing him react to seeing the Ice Warriors as it was probably the first time in that incarnation. Rose had less to do in this than the previous two stories she was in but was still very enjoyable. Lorna was a nice new character to have in the episode and reminded me of Linda in the series one finale Bad Wolf and Parting Of The Ways. She also had more to do than the typical big finish side-cast which was also added to the story. The two pirates, Brona Volta and Callum Volta were decent enough and had quite sad endings but the Ice Warriors and more specifically Lord Hassko were the best part of this story. The setting is something I always seem to judge a story on and this one gave me series one vibes of being on the game station looking over earth. This made it feel very sci-fi and obviously the icy cold star mixed with the Ice Warriors worked very well.



Overall Cold Vengeance was a brilliant story which saw the Tenth Doctor come up against the Ice Warriors at there best. It obviously helped that David Tennant is my favourite doctor and the Ice Warriors are my favourite villains, but it also had a very good story which was action packed and full of good scenes. I fully recommend this to any new big finish listener or anyone who like me, is a massive fan of the Ice Warriors and David Tenant as the Doctor. I also recommend the whole of the Tenth Doctor volume two stories as they are very nostalgic and fun.


I rate this episode an 9/10.

Written by: JACOB MOORE

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