David Tennant and Tom Baker are arguably the most popular Doctor’s of all time. They were around in the golden eras of the shows 57-year history. Now they have come together in a multi doctor story called Out Of Time. I believe this is the first story in a trilogy that is going to be released by big finish in the next two years. I have waited I while to start doing reviews again since my last one was on the 8th of August. This is partly because I have been extremely busy over the last few weeks as well as the fact, I thought I should start with Out Of Time. I have listened to stories written by Matt Fitton in the past and this one didn’t disappoint either. It was a very satisfying episode which kept you listening just to see David Tennant and Tom Baker talking together as their chemistry was electric. As well as this the concept/idea of the episode was also interesting and original.



Most of this episode was set on a out of space cathedral that allows you to jump from one time and place to another. The Daleks were trying to take over the cathedral in order to change the destinations of each portal so then can conquer the galaxy. It was a very simple plan from the Daleks, but it worked very well. The Daleks were at the best as it showed how feared they were and how dangerous they were when they invaded the cathedral and exterminated everyone.  However Out Of Time 1 did suffer because of the format. It was an hour long special which really needed to be a two parter or even just an hour and a half as it mainly stayed on the cathedral and the ending was very quickly solved. When there is two doctors in one story it is important to give the time to both of them to interact as that is what the fans want to see however at the same time the story needs to be paced well and executed well which is something that did not happen in this. It is something that is similar to other audios Matt Fitton has written such as The Destination Wars and Cold Vengeance. I think the Doctors needed more time to react to the Daleks as neither of them seemed that fazed by them. Having said all this the shorter length of this story did mean that it kept it exciting throughout.


Tom Baker and David Tennants performance was the standout thing of Out Of Time and if you’re a fan of either of them you should definitely go and buy this. The comedy and Banta between the two was very funny and it was nice to see both of them calling each other idiots  and other insulting things. The more serious moments between the two of them made the episode that bit more meaningful as this version of the Tenth Doctor has come from when he didn’t have a companion in the 2009 specials whilst Tom Baker had just left Sarah Jane Smith. I think David Tennant did especially well at not just being his Doctor again but his Doctor from the 2009 specials which made it clear where his character was development wise unlike the 50th anniversary where whilst it was great seeing him back as the Doctor he seemed very different from the Doctor we had seen before.


One issue with the Daleks in this was that there was no explanation of where they came from. Usually I except that there can be loads of different Daleks stories, however Out Of Time 1 used the emperor of the Daleks which was used in the series 4 finale, so you weren’t sure how it came back or if the Tenth Doctor had met it yet. The sound effects and music was as ever good, and the side cast was just your average side cast, but I would have liked to see a different title sequence that blended the Fourth and Tenth Doctors theme tunes together.  


To conclude, Out Of Time 1 was a good multi Doctor episode that had a really unique idea. The best thing about this story was David Tennant’s and Tom Baker’s dialogue with each other as it was extremely funny as well as having some nice serious bits. Unfortunately, the story needed more time to step up a gear and develop the characters and the daleks as everything felt a bit rushed. However Out Of Time 1 is definitely a big finish audio people should go and check out.


I rate Out Of Time 1 a 6/10.

Written by: JACOB MOORE

Hi I’m Jacob and I am one of the writers for this website. I mainly do big finish reviews but I also do some classic ones as well as news articles. Hope you all enjoyed the article.

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