The Seasons Of Fear is a big finish story which I have never really heard anyone talk about. Many people talk about The Chimes Of midnight and many people talk about Storm Warning but this one seems to go under the radar for what is a fantastic audio adventure. This story takes the Doctor and Charley to Singapore which is where Charley was heading before she met the doctor. It was New Years Eve 1930 as it felt like the perfect setting for McGann’s Doctor considering his only big on-screen appearance in the movie (1996) was set on New Year’s Eve. However, this isn’t the only setting. Seasons Of Fear is unique because it hops between different settings a lot as the Doctor chases a man, (Grayle) through time who has told him that he is going to kill him in the Doctors future. This had a very timey-wimey narrative, but it was done incredibly well and kept me engaged throughout all four parts. As I have only been listening to Big Finish Audios since the start of 2020, I am still relatively new to it. This means that some stories I find it quite hard to connect with as I’m so used to on screen Doctor Who, however this Seasons Of Fear really made me believe that I was actually there with the Doctor and Charley on this crazy adventure.


I’ve already talked a bit about the plot, but I will give a brief summary of the episode. The Doctor is told in Singapore by a man that he is going to kill him in the Doctors future and that he is immortal. The Doctor and Charley go back in time and track him to find out how he turned immortal and why he wants to kill the Doctor. When they have found out he is in contact with an alien race the which the Doctor has encountered before (the Nylon) they try and find a way to stop him. Whilst they switch between different times in earth history the Doctor manages to go back in time and persuade the first version of Grayle to not become immortal by showing him the man he becomes. This is very similar to the plot of the Christmas Carol Christmas Special (2010) however it is done on a much larger scale and doesn’t get bogged down in Christmas gags and jokes. Once the Doctor has persuaded Grayle to not become immortal he gets the help of some of the people he has met along the way to destroy the Nylon in a battle which sounded really good for an early big finish story and the Doctor and Charley finish by going back to Singapore to celebrate. The whole story had a very good beginning, middle and end and continued the story arc that has been going on since Storm Warning that Charley isn’t supposed to be alive. Some mysterious stuff popped up at the very end when a different version of Charley, possibly a ghost that came from a different universe murdered some of that characters they met in this episode. It is all building up for something big which I am guessing will happen at the end of the second season of the Eighth Doctor Big Finish Adventures.


The villains in the Seasons Of Fear were probably the best of the series so far. I thought the Nylon seemed like a decent formidable villain. It was nowhere near the strength of some of the returning Doctor Who villains like the Santarem’s and the Weeping Angles but definitely a good one-off villain like the Sycorax or the Pyrovilles. Grayle was also a great villain. He seemed to actually challenge the Doctor which you don’t see a lot of with human villains, but he came across just as dangerous as the Master or the Time Meddler. The side-cast in this story were decent for a story that focuses on the Doctor and Grayle so heavily. Over the course of this second season Charley Pollard has grown on me a lot and this episode was a good example of what a good companion she is. Every review I have done in the Eighth Doctor’s era I have complemented how good McGann is as the Doctor. He only gets better and better. He is by far one of the best actors to play the timelord and there is just something so inspiring and positive about his Doctor’s personality. He is the only doctor who could ever come near to beating David Tenant as my favourite.


To conclude, Seasons Of Fear is one of the most underrated and interesting stories I have listened to thus far. The plot of this story was exceptional and while it was complicated it was very clever. The villains gave the Doctor a run for his money and were actually a threat to him which is something that I haven’t seen a lot of with the earlier Big Finish stories. Paul McGann was incredible as per usual and there was a nice little dalek cameo as well. I am looking forward to the next story of Paul McGann’s second series as the Doctor.


I rate the Seasons Of Fear an 8.5/10.


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Written by: JACOB MOORE

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