Over the past four months I have been listening to all sorts of different big finish stories. I reviewed the first series with Paul McGann, I listened to Subterfuge with Sylvester McCoy, the First Doctor adventures volume one and finally the Tenth Doctor Adventures volume two. Now that I Have
listened to and reviewed ten audios, I thought I would give you my top five before I move onto some new audios next week. I hope you guys enjoy this ranking looking back at my big finish journey so far!

                                                                              5: The Sword Of The Chevalier



The Sword Of The Chevalier was a classic episode where they go back in time to meet a historical figure. In this story the historical character was The Chevalier d’Eon. What was good about her involvement in the episode was that she helped to save the day with a big sword fight at the end instead of being wasted like some of the historical characters in the modern series. Whilst it was a very interesting story with a good setting it did not hit the heights of the next audios on this list. However, it does beat the rest of them because it had one of the most complete stories on this list.

                                                 I originally gave The Sword Of The Chevalier an 8/10 but I now I give it a 7/10.


4:  The Great White Hurricane



Another historical on this list, The Great White Hurricane was set in Chicago in the late 1800’s. It did not have any monsters in it however it was still a fully entertaining story with the Hurricane being a big threat as well as some of the people. What I really like about this episode was how well the Tardis crew were used. There were three separate stories going on with three separate problems. This meant each character had time to develop. The setting also helped to create more atmosphere and you really felt like you were there with them. The only issue I have with this story is that it had quite an anticlimactic ending and I was left wanting something more.

I gave The Great White Hurricane an 8/10.

3: The Sword Of Orion

My top three now, starting with The Sword Of Orion. This was Paul McGann’s second big finish story and was set in the future after the cyberwars. The story was a typical spaceship horror where the crew were hunted down, and the Doctor had to fight the cybermen. What I loved about this story was how well it introduced characters and kept the pacing up throughout the entire episode. There wasn’t a single dull moment. Including the cybermatts was a nice touch as they haven’t been in Doctor Who all that often and adds depth to the cybermen. There was also a really good twist towards the end with one of the crew being a cyborg which added a whole different dimension to this great story.

I rate The Sword Of Orion an 8/10.