The 19th of April 2021 marks 10 years since the passing of one of the greatest legends of Doctor Who. Elizabeth Sladen first appeared in Doctor Who in 1974’s The Time Warrior and went on to star as one of the most popular companions until she departed in 1976. She acted alongside John Pertwee as well as Tom Baker, both of which she had great chemistry with. She returned for a spin off show in the early 1980’s called K-9 and company. Whilst this spin off show did not last, it was still the first time a companion had their own spin off show and paved the way for future spin offs. She returned in 2983 for the 20th anniversary special The Five Doctors. This was her last appearance in classic who however she did return for a mini special in 1993. In 2006 Elizabeth Sladen returned in The School Reunion. This episode was a huge success as well as a huge favourite of mine. It prompted the actress to get her own spin off show called the Sarah Jane Adventures which lasted for five seasons on CBBC. She returned to Doctor Who multiple times before she passed away in 2011. The End Of Time Part 2 was her final appearance in the show. She has acted alongside more doctors than any other companion and I think it is fair to say that she is a legend of the show who was loved by generations of people. She will always be missed, but she will never be forgotten….


I have so many childhood memories of watching the Sarah Jane Adventures on CBBC. I loved all of the stories, there’s not a single bad one out of the five series of the show. The number of times I have rewatched episodes from the Sarah Jane Adventures just goes to show how much I loved it and how good it was. I can’t remember exactly when I started watching the show, however it was around when series 2 came out. My favourite series is definitely series 4 and my top three episodes were: The Temptation Of Sarah Jane, The Wedding Of Sarah Jane and Death Of The Doctor. The show brought some fan favourite aliens back such as the Slitheen, the Judoon and the Sontarens as well as inventing some of their own brilliant villains like the Trickster, Androvax and the Bane. What was so great about Elizabeth Sladen’s character was that she wasn’t some of the screaming female companions from classic who. She was a much more modern companion. When I first watched the School Reunion, I thought it was brilliant that they brought back a classic companion and it paved the way for them to do it again. The way her character developed over 40 years meant that a whole new generation of fans fell in love with her. Whilst it was sad that she passed away so young, she left an incredible legacy behind on Doctor Who. I don’t think that there will ever be a companion who is as popular and as loved as Sarah jane Smith.  Whenever I watched The End Of Time, I am always so sad as her final moments on the show were beautiful. 



I remember where I was 10 years ago to this day. I was 9 years old, and I was busy watching news round which is a children’s news show on CBBC. Then the news came through that she passed away. I cried for a solid 4 hours I was so sad. I had a Sarah Jane action figure, and I spent the rest of the day making my own stories and dedicated it to her. I have some of the best memories watching her on Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures. The first Doctor Who boxset I got was series 2 . I watched The School Reunion for the first time; however, I broke the disk which included Tooth And Claw, The School Reunion and the Girl In The Fireplace. I took two years to get a replacement disk for those episodes and when I finally got the disk it was so magical watching that episode again. When the last episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures came out, I was so sad. The ending scene was absolutely beautiful. I hope that one day Doctor Who gives her a proper ending because she deserves it. Elizabeth Sladen is one of the main reasons why the show has lasted 57 years and one of the main reasons I am such a big Doctor Who fan. I will always miss her and wish that I had seen more of her character however the story of Elizabeth Sladen and Sarah Jane Smith has not ended it will go on forever in our memories….

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