With the news that Jodie Whittaker may be leaving Doctor Who after its 13th series rumours have gone round about who the next Doctor will be. As well as this it has been confirmed that John Bishop will be joining the Tardis team for series 13. Do I think this is a good choice? Do I think Jodie Whittaker is leaving for good? Who do I want to replace her? In this article I will be answering all three questions.



Do I think Jodie Whittaker is leaving Doctor Who after three series?



Yes, I do. Most doctors, especially in the modern era stay for three series and leave. It has been reported on two newspapers that she is leaving as well as on BBC news. I don’t think three mainstream news producers would have used this story unless there was some truth to it. Jodie Whittaker herself is very close friends with David Tennant and some of the other modern Doctors. I think she will have been influenced by them and when they left the show. She was announced three and a half years ago as the Doctor and by the time the next series finishes it will be 4 and a half. I think by this time she will want to go onto do other acting jobs as she probably hasn’t got any sentimental attachment to the show like David Tennant and Peter Capaldi who were big fans. This is why they probably had more difficulty leaving than someone like Matt Smith who never had that sentimental attachment tom the show.  I personally think this is the right time for her to leave. While the viewing figures have dropped quite a lot since the first series, I think the show needs freshening up regardless. New people will tune in with a new Doctor and it will give the show a new lease of life.



Who would I like to replace Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor?


Firstly, if I could choose anyone to play the Doctor then I would choose nikolaj coster-waldau. He played Jamie Lannister is Game Of Thrones which is one of my favourite TV shows others than Doctor Who. He is a brilliant actor and Jamie Lannister was my favourite character in the show. I think he would be great for the role as he would be a more serious Doctor which I think we need after Jodie Whittaker’s more light-hearted Doctor. Whilst he’s 50 years old I still think he comes across as a lot younger so he would appeal to a wide range of people. Whilst this is very likely to happen, I really hope it does. More likely options are Michael Sheen who I think would make a very alien Doctor. He has appeared on Stage with David Tennant who no doubt has suggested the role to him. Kris Marshall is an actor who everyone thought would replace Peter Capaldi and he didn’t. I don’t know why there would have been such a fuss about it if he hadn’t of even approached the BBC about it. So, it is a possibility he could be the next Doctor. I think he would be great at the role as he would be a lot more serious and more like an Eccleston. Eddie Redmayne has said that he would love to play the timelord however I don’t know if he still thinks that as he has become an even bigger star over the last few years. If he was after Matt Smith or Capaldi I think it would be too soon for another young Doctor, but I think it would be the perfect time to go back to the younger portrayal of the timelord. He would definitely bring back a lot of viewership that has sadly gone from the show in the last few years. Most likely thou the BBC and Chris Chibnall will go for a female Doctor. They have gone down the route of trying something new with a female actor and no doubt they’ll do it again.



Is John Bishop joining the Tardis team a good choice?




John Bishop has recently been announced as a new companion. His character names Dan and he will be joining the Doctor and Yaz for series 13. Firstly, I think bringing in a new companion is a great idea. I have been so bored of the last 10 years where there is usually one female companion especially in the Clara era. Even thou Rory was a companion between 2010 and 2012 I always felt like he didn’t have much effect on the story. However, when Nardole joined in 2016 I really enjoyed a different dynamic in the Tardis. Hopefully, this will be the same with Dan is series 13. Personally, with a female Doctor and a female companion already it makes it more balanced with a male joining as well. As well as this male side companions have always been my favourite. Ian Chesterton, Jaimie, Sergeant Benton, Jack, and Mickey have all been amongst my favourites, so I am excited for another one. John Bishop himself is a Doctor Who fan which makes his arrival even better. He is a very successful comedian and I know a lot of people say he can’t act as he is a comedian but just look at the other comedians who have been in Doctor Who. Catherine Tate who played Donna is one of the most popular companions and Nardole who everyone slated to start with turned out to be a fan favourite after the one series he was in. So overall I think John Bishop will be one of the greatest companions we have ever had! 

Written by: JACOB MOORE

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