After another long wait for a new Doctor Who episode it was finally here…. On New Year’s Day…. not Christmas Day. However, that didn’t really matter because It didn’t feel like a festive special at all. It felt more like a finale that should have been a two parter. It would have suited this more because there was a great idea with the daleks and the return of Jack and the potential was so high, however it just ran out of time to deliver on all of it . There were some great scenes as well but there were also some scenes that had the potential to be a lot better.


The first 15 minutes of Revolution Of The Daleks was great. It carried on from the last dalek story Resolution Of The Daleks (2019). I thought this was good as a lot of the time in Chibnall’s era there is no explanation to how the Master came back or where Jack has been, so it was good to see how the dalek came back. Jack Robinson who was in a series 11 episode made his return. I was at first sceptical about him coming back however I thought he was brilliant in this story. He was very funny, and it helped keep the episode interesting for me. I liked the fact he was the one behind trying to rebuild the daleks even thou he had no idea what they were. I personally think he should come back in series 13 as I think returning guest characters can actually make there be more excitement for an episode before it comes out. The Prime Ministers involvement with the production of the defence drones (the daleks) made the story have more scale to it, however she was absolutely wasted in this episode. She started off great, but then had very little screen time and got killed off in an over the top way. The whole idea of the defence drones was an original idea. Since the daleks are 57 years old, I am not surprised it has been difficult to think of new ideas for them in recent years. This idea was an interesting one which I think they should have expanded a lot more on.


The next big thing that happened was Jack breaking the Doctor out of prison. The one time I decide to go to the toilet when doctor who is on and its exactly when Jack sees the Doctor for the first time in 10 years. That’s my luck. I loved seeing some of the old villains, especially the Sycorax and I actually thought Jodie Whittaker was really good in these scenes. The idea of her being in prison was one that I don’t think has been done before and I really enjoyed it. However, I do think it could have lasted longer. I think the biggest flaw with this episode was that there was too much happening. I think some of the companions, Graham being the main one had little to no lines in it. If the Doctor stayed in prison longer and let the other companions and Jack save the day and then at the end, they rescue here that would have given the companions to have more lines and more interactions with Jack. To see Jack back was brilliant and I can’t thank Chris Chibnall and John Barrowman enough. He was written brilliantly. He had some stupid Captain Jack moments as well as some serious moments. There was some great nostalgia with some of his lines and he had really good chemistry with Whittaker. The best bit with Jack was his scene with Yaz where he talked to her about when he got left behind by the Doctor and I feel like it is foreshadowing Yaz’s departure from the show just like when Sarah Jane told Rose in the school reunion, “Some things are worth getting your heart broken for”. Yaz has improved as a character so much since series 11. I feel like she is becoming a lot stronger as a character and she just seems to always be a part of each episode in series 12.


The way Revolution Of The Daleks finished wasn’t very satisfying. The idea the Doctor had to trick the daleks was a clever one however it left me feelings like the daleks are even less of a threat. They didn’t really do much at all. It shows one scene of them exterminating people and that was it. The fact every single dalek went into the Tardis is a bit ridiculous as well because it only looked like a few even fell for the trap. But the most disappointing thing about the ending was the companions exit. When Jack, Ryan and Graham went onto the dalek ship I thought at least one them would die. It would have been the perfect send off for Graham or Ryan or even just to show that Jack is immortal. They seemed to easily get round the dalek ship with ease like it wasn’t even a big deal. Unfortunately, I feel like Ryan was one of the worst companions in the history of the show. He doesn’t ever seem to do anything; he isn’t interesting in any way and the acting isn’t very good at all. To see him just walk away from the Tardis was the most anticlimactic companion departure I think ever. Graham’s was slightly more emotional but was still not great for a companion who I absolutely loved. I hope Graham returns in some capacity next series because I feel his character deserves a much better send off. Jack’s ending felt very rushed. He just disappeared like that. Whilst I loved the Guenn Copper reference which could be hinting at the return of Torchwood it was a shame he didn’t say a proper goodbye.


To conclude Revolution Of The Daleks had a good idea with great potential. However, it was overall disappointing. Two companions exit with little emotion, Jack felt wasted at times and the Doctor got in the way of the episode too much. There were, however, some great scenes with Jack which made me think back to my childhood and how amazing Doctor Who used to be.  I hope Jack makes a return again as he is just incredible.



I rate Revolution Of The Daleks a 6.5/10.


Written by: Jacob MOore

Hi my name is Jacob and I am one of the main writers for this website. I mainly do big finish reviews but I also do classic reviews and news articles. I hope you guys all enjoyed the review 🙂

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