Favourite Doctor: The 10th Doctor Favourite Episode: The Waters of Mars

Matthew is one of the co-creators of The Who Addicts and has been on the channel since the very beginning when it was originally known as Who Addicts Reviews.

Matthew has watched the show since it came back in 2005 and has loved it ever since. He used to be more of a harsh critic, but has softened over time, however if you mention the words “Hell Bent”, “The Wedding of River Song”, or the “The Sonic Sunglasses”, you will be in for an ear full!

Matthew brings content to the channel regularly, whether that’s a ranking, rant, theory, or discussion video on various topics, as well his “baby”, The Best & Worst Possible Series.


Favourite Doctor: The 9th Doctor
Favourite Episode: Dalek

Liv is Matthew’s partner and she joined The Who Addicts back in 2016, following Matthew continually twisting her arm to finally give in and watch Doctor Who in the first place!

Of course, in their NuWho marathon following Series 1 and Dalek, Liv was hooked on the show, and has been ever since. She is black and white when it comes to her opinions, often loving an episode or hating it, she has no grey area, often serenating episodes with love, or calling them “Crap”, and shouting at Moffat to “Control Yourself”.


Favourite Doctor: The 10th Doctor
Favourite Episode: Blink

The BIG BAD BAECOB has been working behind the scenes on the Who Addicts since 2014, helping with the design of our logos, websites, title sequences, end cards, social medias and much more!

Following years of being behind the camera, the team finally twisted his arm to jump infront of the camera and join the team reviewing both Doctor Who Series 10 and Series 11.

Unfortunately due to a mix of a busy schedule, university, and Series 11 knocking the stuffing out of his love for Doctor Who, Jacob hasn’t appeared since our finale review of Series 11, but we hope he will be back on the channel soon.


Billy is by far the loudest member of the Who Addicts team. He’s Matthew’s African Grey Parrot of 19 years and could also arguably be classed as one of the originators of the channel despite his more regular appearances coming later down the line.

Billy likes to always annoyingly interrupt all video recordings and livestreams as he hates to be left out, yet when he’s infront of the camera he goes quiet and doesn’t say a word.


Bella is the newest, youngest and quietest member of the Who Addicts team. She has only been watching Doctor Who for a few years as she is only 2 and a half years old.

She is very unpredictable when it comes to her love for Doctor Who, she will only sit still and watch it when it suits her, or when she is bribed to via the use of her favourite treats.



Favourite Doctor: The 12th Doctor

Favourite Episode: Heaven Sent

Hello! I’m Ryan! I’m from Florida, USA.

I got into Doctor Who in 2012 through Tumblr strangely enough. I was recommended to watch the show by a friend. My first episode was Planet of the Ood then The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, and Blink. After I watched those stories I went back to Rose and watched up through The Angels Take Manhattan, making The Snowmen the first episode I watched on its original airdate. I have a passion for all things Doctor Who but my main interests outside of the show itself are the books, novels/novelizations.

Also, during the hiatus year of 2016 I watched every existing Classic Who story! I am definitely a Who Addict!


Favourite Doctor: The 10th Doctor

Favourite Episode: End of Time

Hi, my name is Jacob and I have been a Doctor Who fan since the David Tennant era. I am 18 years old and I am currently at Swansea University, however my main home is in Southampton.

The first Doctor Who episode I watched was the Girl In The Fireplace and it terrified me. I then was so scared to watch the programme that I didn’t see it again until the 2008 Christmas special.

Throughout 2009 I started to get more and more into Doctor Who and by the time the End Of Time came around I was completely addicted. This is one of the reasons why that episode is my favourite and why the Tenth Doctor is in my opinion the best doctor.

However, I don’t just like the modern episodes, I am also a big fan of the classic series. I am especially fond of the Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee era. Recently I have started to get into Big Finish Audios as it’s a new way of getting more content from the Eighth Doctor as I believe he is one of the most underrated in Doctor Who.


Favourite Doctor: The 4th Doctor

Favourite Episode: The Curse of Fenric

I’ve basically been watching Doctor Who for as long as I can remember. In fact one of my first memories is my mum sitting me down on the sofa to watch the story Dalek and all the terrifying images and moments in that episode were imprinted onto my brain up until this day.

It’s taken up such a large portion of my life and what I love about Doctor Who and what I think is what got me into it in the first place is the idea that the mundane of everyday life can be the source of alien invasions or something we couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

Obviously that interest has changed over the years and I like strange and alien stories just as much as the earth bound ones but it’s that inherent idea that has been with the show for 57 years that makes Doctor Who more special than any other TV show.


Favourite Doctor: The 12th Doctor

Favourite Episode: Heaven Sent

My name is Devlin (or Dev as I’ve now been dubbed :P) and I’m currently in my first year of university studying to become a secondary school English teacher. In my free time, other than watching and talking about Doctor Who, I like to make video games and write poetry, both of which I plan to eventually publish.

My parents both grew up watching Doctor Who (my mum moreso than my dad), so when it came back on telly in 2005, when I was only 4, they naturally sat me and my siblings down to watch it with them. Although I’ve always watched the show casually, I wouldn’t say I became obsessed with it until the Peter Capaldi era where I was old enough to truly appreciate the show. However, I did grow up watching The Sarah Jane Adventures which I was definitely obsessed with even as a child. Hence villains like the Judoon, Sontarans and Slitheen will always hold a special place in my heart alongside Elisabeth Sladen. She is the only celebrity whose death has made me cry.

For quite a while I’ve been meaning to get around to watching classic who and only recently started to do so. Once I’ve finished that I plan to move on to big finish. As a bit of a writer, I also like to come up with my own ideas for monsters and episodes of Doctor Who as well as overthink any holes in plot or continuity. I eventually plan to write some fanfiction but I’ve never had enough free time to properly get into that and I think it’s fair to say that my ultimate fantasy job would be show-running the program I love so dearly.